Festivals & Celebrations

Consisting of many religions and cultures, Sri Lanka hosts a vibrant holiday package staring from the Sinhala Hindu New Year in April each year. This is the most important festival in the country which symbolizes the beginning of the New Year and also the end of the harvesting season. Abundance of traditional food, festivals, and offerings during this period makes it one of the best time to visit Sri Lanka.

Next comes the Vesak full Moon Poya. Which symbolizes the Nativity, Enlightenment and Passing Away of Lord Buddha. Vesak Lanterns, Vesak Pandals and may other decorations fills up the air with a feeling of great happiness and a bond with all other religions and cultures within the vast population in the country.

August every year consists of longer holidays with more devoted religious celebrations in the Hill country and in the South East. The Esala festivals in Kandy and Kataragama has been the best attractions for the visitors from all over the world. Thousands arrive to get a glimpse of this majestic events carried out so devotedly and continuously for thousands of years.

The Kataragama Esala Festival is multi-religious festival participated by many devotees form all over the Island. The breath taking fire walking and many other acts to pay their respect to Lord Kataragama will memorize the visitors by seeing the extent of devotion exercised to attract the diving powers.

Kandy Perahera is the Largest Cultural Parade in Sri Lanka and this opens up a golden opportunity for the visitors to experience the best of Sri Lankan dancing, music and the domesticated majestic tuskers in Sri Lanka.

Sinhala New Year Sinhala New Year

Sinhala New Year Sinhala New Year